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This haze fluid generates a thin mist that will make any area have a stunning effect. Formu..
Haze Max
Haze Max Variable output, non-clogging, with 1 channel. 5 pin remote cycle-timer & bracket. ..
$1,009.95 $849.95
Haze Max Dream Team
Haze Max Dream Team Haze Max DMX Machine, director fan, 16 gallons Water Vapor Haze Fluid. C-clamp..
$1,845.00 $1,600.00
Hurricane 1000
Hurricane 1000 is a lightweight and compact fog machine combining dense fog output and portability. ..
$139.99 $99.99
Hurricane 1800 Flex
Hurricane 1800 Flex offers DMX control with adjustable 180-degrees angles. A wired timer remote (FC-..
$449.99 $299.99
Hurricane 700
The Hurricane 700 Fogger provides quality performance and quick heat up of water-based fog to f..
$59.99 $49.99
Intimidator Beam 140SR
Intimidator Beam 140SR is a cutting-edge moving head beam fitted with a bright 140 W discharge light..
$1,339.99 $999.99
Intimidator Hybrid 140SR
Intimidator Hybrid 140SR is powerful all-in-one moving head fixture that morphs from SPOT to BEAM to..
$1,739.99 $1,299.99
Intimidator Spot 355 IRC Black
Intimidator Spot 355 IRC is a feature-packed moving head spot fitted with a 90 W LED. The rotat..
$1,069.99 $799.99
Intimidator Spot 355 IRC WHT
Intimidator Spot 355 IRC White Housing is a feature-packed moving head spot fitted with a 90 W ..
$1,069.99 $799.99
Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC
The Intimidator Spot 455Z IRC is an extremely bright, 180 W LED moving head spot designed for large ..
$1,999.99 $1,499.99
Intimidator Trio
The Intimidator Trio is an innovative, LED-powered moving head with beam, wash and effect features. ..
$1,199.99 $899.99
Intimidator Wash Zoom 450 IRC
Intimidator Wash Zoom 450 IRC is a powerful moving head wash fitted with twelve 15 W quad-color RGBW..
$1,339.99 $999.99
Intimidator Wave 360
Intimidator Wave 360 IRC brings a wave of excitement to your next event. This dynamic effect feature..
$899.99 $749.99
Kinta FX
Kinta FX combines an LED derby effect, laser and SMD strobe in one compact fixture. These ..
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